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South Location: Scotlea Hot Rods, PO Box 546, Nowata, OK 74048

North Location: Scotlea Hot Rods, 1230 Wenzel Way, Waunakee, WI 53597

Now building incredible rides in 2 locations !!!

Scotlea Hot Rods south (the original shop) in Nowata County, Oklahoma

Scotlea Hot Rods north (the new shop) in Waunakee, Wisconsin

Scotlea Hot Rods is owned by Dr. Patrick Hagerman, an automotive designer and engineer with a deep passion for cars of all kinds.  Scotlea Hot Rods has impacted the automotive world with customers in 27 different states and 7 countries around the world. Our cars have been seen Hot Rod, Mopar Action, Popular Hot Rodding, Mopar Collectors Guide, Super Chevy, Mopar Muscle, and Chevy High Performance. After more than 25 years in the business, we know that it’s more than just building a car, it’s helping someone connect with their car that really makes the difference. If your car is special to you, or you are looking for that special car – Scotlea Hot Rods is your destination.

Scotlea Hot Rods has had its rides in just about every major automotive magazine. This is a tribute to the quality of car we build, and a great way to show that when we build your car, people will take notice.

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