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A-Team Van replica #8

Here comes another A-Team Van!!  Colonel Decker is going to have a hard time finding the real A-Team if there are more and more replicas out there - but who are we to get in the way of true justice.  This van is being built for an 80's retro themed bar in Oklahoma City.  They will use it to transport patrons around town and to OKC Thunder games and the like.  So with the need to get more people in there, this van will have a custom interior with a wrap-around counch in back and 40" flatscren on the wall with an old-school Nintendo to keep them entertained.  Otherwise, this will appear just like the other A-Team Van replicas - detailed to the max and looking crazy cool !!!

Started with a good rust-free van we grabbed in southern Arizona - spent it's whole life in the desert, so at least the AC works good.  It was quickly stripped down, the side window welded shut and headed to the bodyshop...