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1969 Charger - Oct 2005

This 1969 Dodge Charger had been sitting in a barn since 1984.  We pulled it out, cleaned it off and made it look much better.  The original engine ran and drove well, so we just updated it with electronic ignition, new plugs and belts, new water pump and touched up the paint.  The interior was all original so we left it alone.  A new paint job, some new magnum wheels and this beauty hit the road. 

Pulled from the barn - same barn as the 68 Camaro we restored at the same time. Only odd thing about this car was that the front fenders had been replaced at some point with 68 Charger fenders, and the 69 side marker lights were installed up high where the 68 markers were - so we moved them back to where they should be on a 69.

The new owner just wanted the exterior freshened up, so it was reshot in the original green and given new tires and wheels.