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1936 Auburn Boattail - Oct 2013

This Auburn is a real treat as we rarely get to work on cars of this style. This was a good running and driving car, but in need of a little updating and a few fixes.

The plan was originally to just add AC and fix a few wiring issues, but that quickly expanded. The steering column was mounted at an odd angle that we just couldn't live with. The dash had been modified over the years and didn't fit with the look of the car anymore. The small wiring fixes because a complete rewire - including upgrading to a new ATC style fuse box and new wires front to back. Finally, the interior was worn, so it's off to the interior shop next to update that.

The outside was perfect and didn't need a thing...

The interior was a different story - note the odd angle of the steering column - dictated by the placement of the brake master cylinder under the dash (that we moved to under the hood). Machine turned aluminum dash plates with late-model gauges and a Stereo/CD player on the passenger side, along with a bunch of toggle switches that didn't do anything.

The engine bay was a bit odd too - sporting a Ford big block 460 engine, painted Ford blue with chrome valve covers and air cleaner - just not the right look for this car.

Engine was stripped, repainted Ford Gray, plain valve covers installed, and a Cadillac air cleaner modified to fit. Mechanically, the manual cooling fan was replaced with an electric fan and shroud, AC compressor was added, alternator upgrade to 110 amp unit, and overflow tank was replaced with a stainless unit mounted next to radiator. All this creates a much cleaner and appropriate look for this car!


The interior was stripped, dynamat laid down, Vintage Air AC/Heat/Defrost system installed, master cylinder moved out to the firewall, column moved and pedals redesigned, all new Painless wiring system installed.

New dash panels were built and covered with Maple overlays to match the steering wheel. Vintage multi-gauges installed, billet AC controls, light and wiper knobs, and chrome AC vents. Now it looks like it belongs in this car.

Interior was updated with beautiful materials and custom embroidery...