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1972 Cheyenne Shortwide - Sept 2012

The owner of this truck started with a very nice running and driving 72 longbed pickup, but really wanted a short bed, and wanted it low to the ground - so instead of starting with a whole new truck, we converted this one. It started out as a completely nice long bed - then got better....

Bed was removed in pieces so that the floor, header and tailgate could be reused. Frame was sectioned, boxed, and made 20 inches shorter. Truck was lowered 4 inches front and 6 inches rear.


Engine bay was repainted, rewired, and completely cleaned up.  Inside, the original black and white houndstooth was replaced with orange and black houndstooth, along with a few billet pieces here and there.


A 2" cowl hood was added along with a set of new wheels (22" rear, 20" front) to set it off, then a complete repaint along with all new trim really makes this one shine!!!  All lighting is LED, grill is all new, and bumpers were polished like crazy.