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1970 Monte Carlo Convertible - March 2011

Partial Build 

1970 Monte Carlo Convertible

GM didn't make a Monte Carlo convertible, so we are. A customer that really enjoys Montes commissioned Scotlea to turn this pretty straight car into a unique convertible using the top mechanism from a 70 Cutlass convertible. 

Here's the nice car we started with. It's always a bonus with you have running/driving car to start with!

Here are the parts cars that all the convertible parts will be sourced from:

The frame was boxed, then reinforced with a secondary tubing rail tied into the main rail. Top was cut off, A-pillars cut down, and convertible A-pillar crossbeam welded in. Windshield is done.

The upper wheel-wells, quarter window supports, and convertible top surround were swapped.

DONE!!! Here it is with the covertible top up (still has to go to the upholstery shop).

And with the top down: