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61 Ford Econoline Pickup - April 2016

This is a very unusual truck - one that you just don't see very often.  They were based on the popular Econoline Van, and really have a good sized bed, but not a lot of power.  This one has had the straight-six rebuilt, and is in good running & driving condition, it just needs some cosmetic work, lots of rust fixed, and a new paint job.  Scotlea stripped it down, fixed a ton of rust and gave it a custom 2-tone based on the factory colors and layout.  A front bumper from a 50's Chevy car was flipped over, narrowed and fastened to replace the piece of pipe that it started with.  The interior was cleaned up and painted, while the dash was repaired of a lot of extra holes that had been drilled in it over the years (not sure what all of them were for).