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Scotlea Hot Rods is your one-stop full-service destination. We can do it all in-house and love to exercise our creative imaginations.

A few parts or a whole car

Whether you just need to upgrade or repair part of your dream car, or want one built from scratch, Scotlea Hot Rods will take care of it. Need help getting started, or looking for an expert to handle that one area you aren’t familiar with – no problem. We love helping enthusiasts learn about their cars and getting them further along on their projects – whether installing an AC system, front suspension, or that ever-tricky wiring – Scotlea has your back and is ready to help.

Have an idea for a car you have been dreaming about? Ready to make it a reality? Scotlea Hot Rods loves that kind of build and will work to make sure that every aspect of your dream comes to life and is ready to take you down the road.

Body & Paint

It’s the first thing you see, and covers the biggest area of the car, so make sure it’s done right. We only paint hot rods and custom cars – we don’t do insurance repair work. If you are looking for a place to send your car to get that special color, but don’t want to end up in “paint jail” for years, Scotlea is the place to go. Every car is scheduled with a start and end date, so you know when your ride is going to come out with a new shine.


The place you sit and drive should be as comfortable and stylish as the rest of the car is functional and beautiful. From factory correct original to over-the-top custom, our interior guys will put every stitch down straight and make sure your ride feels as good as it looks.


What most people hate, we love. Wiring is one of our specialties. Got a rat’s nest of old wires that have been spliced and crimped too many times? Tired of electrical gremlins? We can end your misery. From simple electrical add-ons and upgrades, to full custom harnesses – we really do love this stuff – and it will work!!!

Air Conditioning & Modern Conveniences

Everyone likes the doo-dads in their new car, but the excitement of their old car – so put the two together. We build custom Vintage Air AC/Heat/Defrost systems around your existing dash, often utilizing factory controls and vents – or making our own just for your car. Guaranteed to keep you icy cold or toasty warm depending on the season. Want power windows, locks, cruise control, rear view cameras, etc.? Yep we got you covered on that too – doesn’t matter if your car came with that option or not, you can have it now.

Rust Repair & Sheet Metal Work

The beginning of every car build is the same – get rid of the rust. It’s also the reason a lot of projects never get done – that first step is a big messy one. Again, we like that stuff. Rust is just an opportunity to use our cool tools to fix it better than new. From simple rocker panel patches to full quarterpanels, or even custom designed metal modifications – we have the expertise and you will be able to say “My car is rust free!”

Everything else...

Need something done that isn’t on this list – well we probably do that too, and if we don’t we’ll help you find the expert who can – but we love to tackle a challenge, so give Scotlea a call and find out what we can do for your ride!