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37 Chevy 1/2 ton - Sept 2011

Original Restoration

This 37 Chevy pickup was pulled out of a 30 year hibernation in the owner's parent's garage. Originally belonging to his grandfather, the current owner is restoring it back to it's original state so it can again hit the roads!

Here's what it looked like when we dragged it (literally) out of the garage:

Then it was a matter of stripping it down to see what we had to work with - which turned out to be a pretty solid truck..

Once we were down to a bare frame, it was cleaned and painted; all the suspension was restored, the cab was painted a gorgeous dark blue and put back into place.  Amazingly, with a small tuneup, the original engine, with over 237,000 miles on it - fired right up!!!  Yea, we couldn't believe it either.  Those old 216 babbit-rod engines were tough!!!  

The fenders and running boards were done in a deep gloss black, the engine was painted the original grey, and of course all the chrome was redone.  The bed received a custom red pine treatment with polished stainless trim.  The interior and wheels were covered in a copper color that really sets them off.

Now after 30 plus years of sitting patiently, this beautiful truck is happy to hit the roads once again...