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63 Lincoln Continental - Aug 2018

This 63 Lincoln has been sitting for quite a while and was in need of some updating.  About 6 years ago, we had updated it to EFI and swapped the factory AC to a Vintage Air unit.  The owner is ready to drive it again, so Scotlea is going though it again, getting everything working, swapping the factory suspension for an air-ride system, and upgrading a few areas for daily driving.

Here's how it arrived, and after we had the paint polished out...

All the factory rear suspension is ditch in favor of a triangulated 4-link rear with air-bags.

Mocking up some new wheels.  Air-suspension system tanks/compressors and wiring are all in the trunk.

Door panels were all refurbished, and a new center console is designed..

All done, sitting low to cruise, or high to cover the speed bumps and potholes...