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1976 Pontiac Trans-Am

50th Anniversary Edition

In 1976, Pontiac celebrated it's 50th anniversary by building 2000 special edition Trans-Ams. This example had been stashed away in a lean-to shed in the middle of a cow pasture (literally) by the owners back in 1985. Almost 30 years later, they decided to pull it out and see what was left. Fortunately, the shed was in good shape, and the extremely large armadillo living under the car kept the rodents away. We pulled this car out of the shed, across the pasture and into the trailer without incident. A few inches of dust, lots of mud-dobber nests covering every inch of available space, and tailpipes full of pecans and rats nests were about the only issues.

The car was thoroughly powerwashed (several times), scrubbed top to bottom, but the paint was just too far gone, so it will be getting repainted soon. In the meantime, all the mechanical systems were gone through. After only a couple of plug wires and some gas, it fired right up!!! Then all the hoses, belts, wires, plugs, etc were changed - given a total tuneup. New dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers, new AC compressor, alternator, master cylinder, brake hoses, wheel cylinders, etc, etc, etc.

Now this TransAm runs like a dream, it just doesn't look very nice on the outside - yet. Plans call for a satin black paintjob with all new gold decals - just something a little different.

The interior was really spared from the years - no rats got inside!!! A new headliner, carpet and floor mats, and lots of soapy water brought to back to almost new condition - even the dash is straight and not cracked!

Back from paint !!!  A simple straightening of a few small dents, removal of the door protector trim and a coat of Satin Black - a little different, but very striking.  Next are the decals...

A new "screaming chicken" decal on the hood and miles of pinstripe...

Now it's back on the road looking good again and running great!!!