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1967 Impala - July 2019

This 1967 Chevy Impala was started by it's owner about 10 years prior to bringing it to Scotlea to finish it off.  He had a great start, with all the body and paint work done, a new RamJet 350 engine installed, and a pile of parts.  Scotlea was tasked with installing air-ride suspension, all the wiring, plumbing, glass, interior, and finishing up the trim and drivetrain.  Basically - just finish the car and get it on the road.  

It arrived in really good shape, just needing some working hands to finish it off...

We started off with getting the drivetrain buttoned up, engine wired and plumbed, and that super tight exhaust system built with side exits.

 Bright red interior sets off the bright white exterior.  

Ready to roll...