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1972 Chevy Nova - July 2012

Birthday Present

I got this car for my wife for her 40th birthday because her first car was a red Nova, and she was born in 1972.

This car is going to just be a good reliable run-around car - not a show car or race car - just something to drive around, park outside, and not worry about.  Pretty simple build...

The starting point - a good 20-foot paintjob, nothing fancy or overly shiny - something that can get dirty and not have to worry about it. Car came without engine/trans, and with a torn up interior.

First order of business is the drivetrain. The engine bay had been hacked and messed up over the years, so we smoothed the firewall, yanked all the wiring, and started from scratch. In went a mild 350, 350 trans, 10-bolt with 4.11 gears. Engine is dressed with ceramic coated headers, custom valve covers, aluminum radiator w/ electric fan, and MSD ignition.

Next were the floors - or lack of as they were mostly rust. New panels welded in and covered in Dynamat. Then new carpet was added, Corbeau front seats, 3-point front seatbelts, a factory tach dash, and a console from a Dodge Neon is being fitted around the B&M shifter.