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1972 Cheyenne Pro Street - Oct 2013

This 72 pickup drove in looking well worn, used, and in need of a makeover. The plan is to rebuild and dress up the engine and interior, convert it to a shortbed, lower it, and tub the rear to make room for some 29x15.5 Mickey Thompson rubber.  

This is how it arrived - mismatched bed and cab, running (barely), and looking quite used up...

First step - Shorter and Tubbed

20 inches are taken out of the frame and bed. 8 inches off the end of the frame, 12 inches from underneath the cab. Same for the bed floor - 8 inches from the back, 12 inches from the front - and a new set of short bedsides. Then of course came the big tires - 28x15.5 Mickey Thompsons - that required widening the wheel tubs 5 inches on each side.

Now some new Hot Rod Satin Black paint with silver painted wheels.

Engine was cleaned up, warmed over, and dressed with some new fancy accessories and chrome...

Interior received new carpet, seat cover, and repainted doorpanels - the original green dash and headliner were kept for that rat-rod look...