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1969 Charger "Nitemare" - May 2013

This Charger came to us looking very good, but not running very good, and it was hiding a lot of rust that the previous owners had poorly patched or just overlooked. A nice paintjob can only take a car so far - so our job was to fix everything and make it look and perform even better.

Came in with a great black paintjob and Boyd Coddington wheels(17x7 front, 18x8.5 rear).

First job was to fix the rust. Previous owners had "patched" the floors with aluminum held down with silicone caulking. Likewise the trunk had a new floor in it, but it was laid over the old rusted one, and not spotwelded to the frame. The rear framerails were trashed, with cracks, rusted through holes, and spring perches about to fall off.

Floor rust cut completely out and new sheetmetal welded in place.

Truck looked ok from top - just some surface rust - right? Wrong - see how far we had to cut to stop finding rust - basically the entire backhalf of the car except the quarters and tail panel. Now back together with new rear framerails, spring perches, crossmember, rear valance panel and trunk panels. The rear wheelwells were also modified, and wheel openings rolled to make room for the much larger tires and wheels going back on.

The engine bay was a mixture of parts that didn't match very well, and didn't work well together - bad wiring and plumbing kept this beast asleep.

So we pulled it all out and started from scratch - repainting, rewiring, replumbing and tuning to get it strong and looking good.

The interior was mostly stock except for racing seats and 4-point harnesses in the front, and a Hurst shifter on the floor. Everything was cleaned up, some missing parts replaced, the Hurst swapped out for a more street friendly B&M shifter, and original RT seats and buddy seat installed. What you don't see is the messed up dash wiring that was ready to catch fire - it was completely pulled and redesigned with lots of new wire and proper ends (no more wire nuts!).

The truck was treated to some nice black carpet as well - and some really killer LED taillights with sequential turn signals.

The final product with new Raceline wheels and Nitto tires (18x8 front, 20x10 rear) sitting low and riding smooth.