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1951 Chevy Styleline Deluxe - Jan 2012

Partial Restoration

After sitting for several years, this Styleline needed a little updating, a little mechanical work, and a lot of cleaning. Here's how it looked when we rolled it in the shop...

The interior was completely shot.  There were two sets of seat covers over the original cloth - which was actually in fairly good shape, but getting replaced anyway.

New paint, polished trim, new whitewalls and hubcaps, make the outside new again:

All new interior made from scratch includes carpet, headliner, seats, doorpanels and trunk. The dash and steering wheel were repainted, and all the chrome was polished...

Trunk was cleaned up and detailed, bumpers were rechromed so now the entire outside is new again.

The engine was simply tuned up, and it ran pretty good, so that area was left as original as possible...