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1969 Chevelle - Sept 2016

Someone's Unfinished Project

This 69 Chevelle came to us with quite a bit of work already completed, but so much more to go.  The body had already been taken off the frame and the entire frame was powder coated, the suspension was rebuilt with polygraphite bushings, and it had a new front disc brake system.  The body had quite a bit of rust repair done, unfortunately however the quarter panels had been replaced with 1968 units, which were not quite right.  The owner didn't want to pay to do them again, so decided to just leave them and move forward, which is where we pick up the story.  Here's how it arrived...

The goal with this car is a mix of a nice street car with the guts to handle some dragstrip time.  The provided small block was removed and replaced with a built 468 big-block.  The rest of the sheet metal was hung and body primered black.

In keeping with the "lets be different" theme, the car was covered in 2012 Ford Pale Adobe Metallic paint - actually not a bad color at all, and one that will really set the red interior apart...

A nice set of Cooper Cobra tires and repainted Chevy Rallye wheels gives this ride a nice stance.  The bright red interior really pops!!!