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1970 Charger Roadster - Aug 2010

68-69-70 Charger Roadster - "Compendium"

Tasked with building a Charger like no other, we started with a shell that was about as rusted as you can get. This car needed a full floor pan, complete trunk pans, rear quarterpanels, tailpanel and lower valance. The cowl was rusted beyond repair, as was the roof. No problem though, this car is going to be a one-of-one Charger Roadster - meaning it won't have a top at all!!!

A lot of sheetmetal work is going into this car. The firewall was completely smoothed (there will be no heat or AC, no wiper motor, and the engine wiring will all be hidden) - the only items mounted on the firewall will be the steering column and master cylinder. Likewise, the cowl openings will be filled in, and the area supporting the previous wiper motor was removed and flattened out to match the rest of the firewall.

A full floor pan was installed after 2x2 square tubing subframe connectors were welded in. New trunk pans were installed...

The quarters were installed with a twist - the rear was pulled out 1.5 inches on each side to widen the rear of the car by a full 3 inches overall. This allows a stock appearance from the side, a wicked look from the rear, and an additional 3 inches of tire room on each side with custom outer wheel well mini-tubs.

Now for the bigest part of the customization - the top was cut off!!! This required the tops of the quarters to be reshaped, a custom frame built over the stock package tray to support a full metal cover. Additionally, a passenger side fuel filler cap is being installed - and it will be functional - you'll be able to fill the tank from either side of the car. A custom full width rear spoiler is also being grafted into the body - all steel of course.

Note the extra reinforcements to the frame: the subframes were connected to the body, and to each other, then an "X" was formed to prevent any binding or twisting, and keep the frame from bending at all - it is totally solid now. Even upside down or sideways on the rotisserie, the door gaps were perfect and never moved!

After all the sheet metal work was done, it was the floors and entire underbody were coated in silver tinted bed-liner...

Into the body shop for a lot of smoothing, then painted in Bright Silver Metallic, with Charcoal Metallic on top - nice two-tone effect...

Rear suspension includes heavy duty leaf springs with KYB shocks, 8.75 rear with 3.23 gears, Moser axles and Stainless Steel disc brakes, Billet Specialities wheels (17x11) with M&H Racemaster drag radials...

Engine bay is very detailed - note the smoothed firewall - nothing will be attached here. All the wiring and plumbing will run along the framerails down low and out of sight. Engine electonics are hidden under the battery tray. A 383 is at home here - topped with the Retrotek Powerjection III throttle body - that means fuel injection baby!!!



Front suspension is pretty stock stuff with the addition of KYB shocks and A-body disc brakes...

A key feature of this car is the dual fuel-filler tubes - which were actually made fully functional. The rear of the car was also widened 3" - but you can't hardly tell. Also check out the integrated rear spoiler - very smooth...

Just lots of assembly - check out the custom 1970 Charger interior done up in 1968 Charger Red..


3 Days after completion, we took the car to the 2010 Mopar Nationals and place 3rd in the B-Body Modified Division - which was full of very high dollar builds from major shops across the country - needless to say, we were pretty happy! 

It went on to place in the top 3 of the Extreme Modified class at the Mopar World Finals - another big win!

This car has thus far been seen in both Hot Rod Magazine and Mopar Action Magazine.