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1957 Plymouth Plaza - Aug 2009

1957 Plymouth Plaza

Original Restoration

Another great barn find! The previous owner of this car was an avid Chrysler collector, and this was one of the first cars he parked in an open-sided barn more than 30 years ago. This car sat for so long that years of rain had washed dirt down a slope into the barn and buried the front tires up to the rims - the frame was almost sitting on the ground. Fortunately the roof of the barn was in good shape, and the body was protected from the elements by other cars parked around it (there was only about 8 inches of room between cars). We pulled it out ever so slowly and hauled it back to the shop. 30 years of dirt protected the "paint", which we found out after a good power-washing, had been painted on with a brush!! The original color was grey with a white top. The engine is a whopping 134hp flathead six!! Amazing that such a small engine could move such a big car, but it did, so it'll be rebuilt and put back in there. The interior lacks any style. Dig that shag carpet and beach towel looking seat cover, and don't miss the plush package tray cover! This will all be put back original as well.

After an hour of powerwashing and a new set of whitewall tires:

Interior is complete, just in really bad taste...

The car has been dismantled, the majority of the hand-brushed red paint stripped off, and the engine torn down.


The only rust on the car was a spot of the driver's floorpan. It was patched, Dynamat laid down, and padded ready for carpet. The headliner was installed - check out the custom crushed red velvet - very 50's!!!

The engine was rebuilt - only needing two new pistons, new rings, and one exhaust valve. The transmission was perfect, so it was reassembled and is ready to go.

Here she is in all here newfound glory!! Painted Inferno Red with a white top. New interior done in soft white vinyl and crushed red velvet seat covers and custom door panels.