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68 Dodge Charger - June 2007

Project: 1968 Dodge Charger RT

This 1968 Dodge Charger RT is a surviving example of the muscle that musclecars were born with.  It sports a 440, 4-barrel, 727 automatic, sure-grip rearend, and tons of power.  It is being restored to it's original glory, with some rust repair along the way.  A new trunk, detailed engine compartment, repainted and detailed grill, all new shiny trim pieces, and restored interior were completed on this green and white beauty.

At the start, this car had been driven hard and showed it age. The exterior had already been painted, but the engine bay had not, interior was stripped and the trunk was basically missing...


The first step was replacing the trunk floor, repainting it to match the exterior, and throwing in a factory style mat.

Next the engine was pulled, cleaned and repainted. The engine bay and underside of the hood were also repainted to match the exterior. Then everything was reassembled and made to look better than original.

The interior received new carpet, seat covers and dash bezels.

The grille was restored, new taillights and some missing trim replaced, new tires and it was ready to roll again...