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1969 Charger RT - Sept 2008

1969 Dodge Charger RT - Restoration/Modification

This Charger came to us already painted, and ready for assembly.  It lacked any interior, no engine or trans, no glass, no vinyl top, etc, etc.  It came from the factory with a list of rare options, including: 3-speaker dash w/rear speaker, rocker panel moldings, power driver's seat, and power windows. Here's how it looks upon arrival:

The firewall was filled and smoothed since the AC and heater were deleted from the build, anticipating a Vintage Air system later. The 440 and 727 auto trans are installed. The front pulley assembly includes a custom water pump pulley that allows dual water/fan belts in case one ever fails. The 440 is painted Chrysler blue, topped with an original 69 4-barrel intake painted as cast aluminum. An Edelbrock carb mixes the fuel and air.

The trunk is cleaned up, painted and looking nice...

With original 14" Magnum wheels and new BFG tires, the stock look is great. Note the rare rocker moldings. A padded vinyl top is added, all the stainless trim is polished and reinstalled. Factory power windows are installed with new motors. This car's owner is an interior man, so he'll handle the installation of the custom interior, which includes custom stitched leather seats and door panels - all in black of course.

Unfortunately, the owner of this Charger died not long after getting it back, and it was passed on to his children who sold it unfinished, so we don't have any pics of the final interior work.  RIP Larry