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1968 Camaro - Oct 2005

This 1968 Camaro was brought to us after sitting in a barn since 1984.  After 22 years, we aired up the tires and rolled her onto a trailer for a makeover.  

This car still had polyester bias-ply tires (even the spare) with the original hubcaps - so we left them on the car for that old original look.  The last owner had repainted the car the original Ivy Gold, so we put all the exterior emblems back on, buffed the paint, and she was ready to go.  For a car that sat a long time waiting for a revival, this car had no rust anywhere - she was completely intact.

The interior was likewise in pieces, and it was worn, so new carpets, headliner and some trim were installed.  The original seats and door panels looked good, so they were thoroughly cleaned.  

The original 327 was locked up, so it was given a full rebuild.  Trans was good and just needed a new clutch.  Everything was put back the way it came - even the AC worked!!!