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1970 Chevelle SS Wagon - July 2017

You don't see these very often - it's a muscle car, it's a family car - it's a muscle wagon.  We are calling it the Mullet Car - muscle in the front, family in the back.  This 70 Chevelle SS wagon comes from California, which means it had just a few small spots of rust on the whole body - excellent news.  It's getting a few overhauls in every area - paint, some new interior, cleaning up and tuning the engine, overdrive trans, new tires/wheels, etc.  

Here's how it started...

Neither the engine or interior were particularly nice.  Years of trash under the back seat - yuck.  Floors were cleaned and painted with POR-15 to prevent any rust from starting.  Engine is from a early 90s Corvette with aluminum heads that have been reworked, 1.6:1 roller rockers added - making this a full roller motor; a Weiand intake manifold and "new" Quadrajet (not sure why previous owner installed a Quadrajet - but it works good).

Paint turned out to be a cheap "wash and spray" job that was flaking off every time it rained, so off to body shop for some smoothing and new coats of color - and maybe some stripes?....

In the paint booth getting some new Satin White paint, and a little glossy blue to set it off...

Painted and looking good, all stainless trim back on.  

Well it became a shop wagon - check out all the space in the rear.