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1968 Charger - June 2017

It's been awhile since we got to build a Dodge Charger that wasn't a General Lee, and this certainly wasn't.  Starting with a 69 Charger, the owner wanted it to be converted to a 68 on the outside, using both 68 and 69 cues on the inside, and all new beast of a 440 under the hood.  

Here's our donor car - a pretty good starting point purchased with a lot of sheet metal work already done...

The finished product sports a custom gunmetal grey metallic color with torch red rump-stripes.  Gunmetal and polished wheels set it off just right.  A 68 Camaro front spoiler and LED taillights change the look coming and going.


Motorvation comes by way of a 440 sporting new TrickFlow heads, Lunati VooDoo cam, Edelbrock intake, Patriot headers with Magnaflow exhaust.  No carburetor here - it's FAST EZEFI 2.0 providing the air/fuel mixture.  Trans is a Silver Sport A41 (GM 4L60E with Mopar bellhousing) pushing the power to an 8.75 rear with 3.23 posi.  

Interior is all red 69 Charger patterns, while dash is 68 style.  Legendary Ralley front seats provide a more stable seating arrangement, and 3-point seatbelts front and rear keep you situated.  Dash gauges are Dakota Digital VHX, and tunes come via Retrosound Redondo RT head unit for that retro look but modern sound.