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1930 LaSalle - Nov 2019

This 1930 LaSalle is 1 of 239 built, so it's pretty rare, but thankfully it's a pretty complete car.  Built to hold 7 passengers, this convertible is powered by a 340 Cadillac flathead V8.  In it's day it would run 95 mph with ease.  It's going back all original, or 99.9% original as we plan to do some upgrades.   It's going to be a beautiful car when finished, but it started out pretty rough but it had been sitting inside for decades.  After cleaning out off the trash and a little powerwashing, here's what we started with...

 After months of work - starting with 4 months of wood-work as this car actually has a steel frame, but the body is all steel wrapped around wood - including the entire floor.  So many parts had to be rechromed, wheels rebuild from hickory, convertible top bows made from oak and bent to shape, etc.  Finally - assembly time!!  Starting with the engine, which we discovered has an aluminum block (it was covered is so much grease it looked like black iron).  The stock flathead still had lots of life left in it, so a refresh and new gaskets was all it needed.  We did upgrade the ignition from points to a custom electronic ignition made for us by Pertronixs.

Completed - finally!!!  This project took 2 1/2 years from start to finish to driving down the road again, and it looks beautiful if I do say so myself!!!!