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1967 Chevy C-10 Dec 2017

This C-10 was brought to us after another shop had already torn it down, painted it, and started putting it back together - only to stop there.  Scotlea Hot Rods was tasked with bringing this one to the finish line.  It arrived in boxes, missing lots of parts, and some mismatched parts - but we can figure that out.  

Here's how it arrived...

And the finished product: Powered by a 250 inline-6 sporting an Offenhauser intake, split 3-bank headers, Holley 4-barrel carb, and HEI ignition - this one runs way better than your average 6-cylinder.  It's backed by a modern 5-speed manual trans, transferring power to a 10-bolt rear with 4:11 gears.  The interior sports some vintage Dodge split bucket seats with center console/seat, recovered in black to match the rest of the interior.  Vintage Air AC keeps occupants cool or warm, depending on the season.  The bed is a custom white oak, with matching bed rails.  Late model chevy ralley wheels give it a work-truck vibe.  All-in-all it's an unusual truck that is going to be able to cruise the highways with some style.