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1968 Mustang Fastback - Bullitt replica April 2017

The "Bullitt" mustang was made popular when Steve McQueen drove it in one of the longest chase scenes in movie history back in 1968.  Bullitt fever is still strong with some, and the owner of this car is also a police officer just as McQueen was in the movie, so it's only fitting that he have his own Bullitt mustang to chase down badguys - and given the power plant in this car, they won't be getting away...

Here's what we are starting with - a previous shop decided to cut a few panels out, for unknown reasons, so it got new quarters, fender apron, front and rear valances, core support, and floors.  The bodyshop covered it all in the original Highland Green color, correct for the Bullitt mustang, and this car's original color as well !!  



This car needed every part and piece rebuilt, restored, or replaced, so that's what happened.  It took a couple of parts cars and lots of UPS deliveries but what you see here is one of the nicest Bullitt replicas on the road today...

Power comes from a stroked 302 that puts out 380 HP and 380 Ft/lbs of torque.  It's backed by a tremec T5 5-speed trans and 9" rear with 3.50 gears.

Interior is all stock, including the factory fold-down rear seat.  Gauges have been modified to include a factory style tach, oil, temp and fuel gauges (no idiot lights here).  Truck was covered in factory-style mat for a clean look.