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1988 Chevy - A-Team Van #2 - Feb 2007

We started with a 1988 Chevy Van that ran good, but was in terrible shape because it was rusted everywhere. After a lot of new sheetmetal, this ride was transformed into one of the most noticeable vans from TV history - a replica of BA's van from the A-Team TV show. 

It looked good on the outside, but while sanding and after tearing the interior walls down, we found lots of spray-in expanding foam used to fill rusted holes. It was sanded, covered in body filler and painted - hard to see for sure, but just plain wrong.

Lots and lots of bodywork later, and the addition of fiberglass running boards, fender flares and front air dam, it's ready to paint...

It got the correct Flat black, Gunmetal Grey and Flame Red paint...

Finished off with matching 15-spoke vector wheels painted red and black, correct rear spoiler, windshield visor, front brushguard and all the fog lights.  The interior got the full grey treatment with 4 captain's chairs, overhead console, and lots of room for guns in the back.